Applying Dirt Bike Goggle Tear Off's.....

Applying Dirt Bike Goggle Tear Off's.....

How do I install tear-offs?
Installing tear-offs only involves a couple of steps, and it starts with ensuring your goggles are clean and that there is no sand or moisture on the lens. 

Step 1: Placing your tear-off on the goggles
The first step to installing a tear-off is a case of aligning the holes in the tear-off with the tear-off posts on the goggles, and then simply pushing the tear-off so it sits on the lens. Ensure the pulling tab of the tear-off is on the left-hand side. Following that, most goggles will have an additional post on the outrigger or on the strap, which the tear-off should also press onto.

Step 2: Stacking multiple tear-offs
When you're stacking multiple tear-offs, you'll need to do the same process as above, however with each tear-off you put on, you'll need to fold back the pulling tab and lock it onto either the post on the lens or outrigger with the above tear-off. This needs to happen before each tear-off goes on. 
If you're using laminated tear-offs, the whole stack can be pushed onto the tear-off posts, although the pulling tabs will still need to be folded and locked in by the above tear-off on the outrigger or strap post for each one you have on.


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