FlowVision, MADD Parts.com Kawasaki Race Team Report: SX Anahiem 3

FlowVision, MADD Parts.com Kawasaki Race Team Report: SX Anahiem 3

Bubba Pauli #282

Qualifying Position: 36th

After a great week of training with the team, Bubba Pauli was ready for the third and final stop at Angel Stadium. Qualifying started off relatively routine as Pauli would make several changes to his bike to become more comfortable on the track. Advancing to the nights racing program, Pauli lined up for 450 SX Heat 1 and would finish in the 15th position. One more quick change to the 282 machine and Pauli had one more shot at the main event in the LCQ. Blasting out of the gate Pauli rounded turn one inside the top 10, and after jockeying for some positions early on he would run most of the race in the 8th spot until some last lap chaos allowed him to move up to the 6th place position where he would finish the race. A season’s best performance and a step in the right direction. Pauli mentioned after the race that he is beginning to feel morel like himself and looks forward to being the main events as the series heads back east.

Joan Cros #848

Qualifying Position: 34th

This round was a little more stressful for Joan and led to a rough day. He struggled to find comfort with his bike and the track, and searched for settings most of the day in qualifying. The heat race was difficult, a few mistakes put him back in the field resulted him in pulling off early to work on somethings before the LCQ. He had a much better ride in the LCQ and made some late race passes, nearly missing the main by one spot, finishing in 5th.

Josh Cartwright #519

Qualifying Position: 27th

Anaheim 3 was Cartwright's first round of the season. Josh went in with a goal of getting his bike set up and the first round jitters out of the way. He struggled a little with bike setup early in the day, but found a good setting and put in a good time in the last qualifier on a 250 in the 450 class. Cartwright felt solid and consistent in the heat race with a 13th place in the heat and a conservative 11th in the LCQ. He has more intensity in him but with it being his first round and the east coast races beginning next weekend, which is the goal, he wanted to be smart. He feels that he has a good measure on his speed knows there is more that he will be bringing in Minneapolis.


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