FlowVision, MADD Parts.com Kawasaki Race Team Report: SX Oakland

FlowVision, MADD Parts.com Kawasaki Race Team Report: SX Oakland

Bubba Pauli #282

The 282 machine was excited to rebound after a quite start to the season. By making bike adjustments each time on the track, Pauli was getting more and more comfortable as the day went on. When qualifying was compete he found himself in the 34th position which would place him in 450 SX Heat race 1. Pauli would make a couple quick passes on the opening lap putting himself in the 14th position just behind his teammate Joan Cros. When the race was complete the two riders would finish 14th and 15th in the heat race. Lining up for the LCQ both riders knew they were in for a battle. The gate was down and as the riders blasted onto the Oakland circuit, Pauli positioned himself well inside the top ten. This is a great place to start for the short intense race but the intensity was high, just before finishing lap one Pauli and  another rider would connect in the air causing both riders to hit the ground and collect several others in the process. Luckily all the riders in the crash were not injured but it was enough to end their night of racing.


Joan Cros #848

It was a wild night for Joan! Despite Joan struggling some throughout the day to find comfort, he fought all day and in the end, when it matter, it paid off! Joan found himself in the LCQ and as far back as 8th with just a few laps remaining. He kept charging forward making passes and with one corner left, Joan made the pass and a photo finish unfolded. The first 450SX main for the team in 2022 and it came in the 2nd race of the 17 race season. This was especially rewarding since the final transfer spot was within reach for Joan the weekend prior. Joan is looking for continued progress and more mains!


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