FlowVision, MadParts.com Supercross Team Race Report: Indianapolis #1 Round 4

FlowVision, MadParts.com Supercross Team Race Report: Indianapolis #1 Round 4

 Indianapolis #1 Round 4, 01/30/2021

88- Logan Karnow

Qualifying Position: 14

It was a solid day overall for Logan. He quickly charged the track in practice and qualifying and secured a 14th place in qualifying which would give him a good gate pick for his heat. As the gate dropped for the heat, Logan inched around the inside of turn one and came out inside the top 10. He rode a smart race and charged the entire time to finish 6th and transfer directly to the main. Unfortunately, a freak incident occurred while Logan and his mechanic were on the line to start the main. It was a bike malfunction that fell outside of anyones control which would ultimately keep Logan from completing the race. He would take the gate drop and complete one lap to then pull off. We were all bummed, especially Logan as he felt good all day. He has another chance on Tuesday to get it done!

282- Bubba Pauli

Qualifying Position: 35

A three hour drive from his home, Indianapolis is to be considered Pauli’s hometown race. Excited to perform in front of many friends and family, Bubba took to the track aggressively and put his Kawasaki inside the top 25 overall a good bit of time but a big crash half way through in the 2nd qualifying session would put an end to his momentum. Dropping back several positions but still earning his spot on the grid for the night program.
A bit sore from his crash, Bubba went out for Heat 2 determined to push hard. Racing in the 11th position for 6 laps, Bubba showed his determination. A few late race mistakes would cost him a several spots as the soft Indianapolis dirt was forcing every rider on the track to be on there toes. In the LCQ the 282 would rebound after a poor start to fight his way into the 9th position, where he would finish. Although he didn’t have a main event performance, Bubba states he still found many wins throughout the day and looks forward to bettering his results Tuesday.

Joan Cros

Qualifying Position: 36

The first round of Indy for Joan was a crazy one. He felt really good on press day and was excited to carry that momentum over into race day. Unfortunately, during the opening lap of free practice, another rider made an amateur move and landed on Joan's back, resulting in both riders going down. Joan was beat up and sore but he fought hard but he struggled to feel good on the track. Joan was 14th in his heat race which would give him a decent gate pick for the LCQ. Joan had another great LCQ start but another ride forced the inside line and collided with Joan resulting in him going down on the second lap. The bike hit hard enough that the throttle was broken and resulted in a DNF. It's part of racing and he will ensure moving forward that he doesn't leave the door open again. He's excited to hit the track on Tuesday.


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