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FlowVision's Bubba Pauli, Scotty Wennerstrom and Joan Cros Daytona Supcross Race Recap

FlowVision's Bubba Pauli, Scotty Wennerstrom and Joan Cros Daytona Supcross Race Recap

TXS Productions Team Highlights Daytona Supercross.....

Daytona. One of the most exciting and unique races of the series. The track layout always presents a deep base with rutted corners and worn down obstacles. This year, we experienced a track that resembled an outdoor layout. Even more so than years past. As always, it's cool to pit in the Nascar garages, ride around the asphalt and on the infield of one of the most iconic motorsports venues in the world. As for the racing, the team fought hard all day. At times, all three riders were in the mix. We have some more work to do to get in the mains, but they are coming

Theodore “Bubba” Pauli:

Bubba Pauli was determined to make sure his sixth visit to the Daytona supercross was better than the previous year, which in 2019 would be his worst round of the entire season. Starting the day on the race circuit, Pauli logged lap times within the qualifying cut off. Heading into the evening reach program, Pauli would find in 450 SX heat one. After blasting out of the gate with one of his best starts the season, Pauli found himself just inside the top 10 but early on during lab one Pauli would collide with another rider in the treacherous sand section and go down. Quickly re-mounting and only losing a few spots he would begin to make multiple passes until he ran into another costly mistake. Unable to advance from the heat race Pauli had to line up for the last chance qualifier. After getting another great start out of the gate the 282 machine would begin to battle amongst the field. Failing to move forward and advance to the main event Bubba would end his night there. Although Daytona was not the ideal finish for the Illinois native; he stated that he is very happy to head north for the next round in Indianapolis, Indiana just three hours away from where he calls home.

Scotty Wennerstrom:

A week full of rehab and recovery after his short stint as a stuntman in Atlanta, Scotty was poised to rebound at the most unique race of the season. A slightly more old school track for the 50th running of the Daytona SX was definitely a change of pace for the riders and bike set up can at times play a bigger role at this venue than most. Just one adjustment to the forks of his TXS Productions, MADD Parts, Ronnie Prado Company Kawasaki made Scotty feel comfy right away on a course that can sometimes be tough to predict when it comes to bike set up. While once again short of the main event, he was able to make more passes in one race than he has all year, thanks to the teams quick communication about the newly developed outside lines in the sand section. Every week the team gets stronger and that excites Scotty for another technical round in Indy this upcoming weekend!

Joan Cros:

Joan described Daytona as wild. It’s always a different style of racing. This year, it was even more similar to an outdoor race. Joan struggled on in practice and after a big crash in the whoops, it made it difficult to get a good qualifying time. At the close of the session, he was able to secure 37th. During the transition before the night show, Joan spent most of the time recovering his energy and speed for a hard effort in the heat. When the gate dropped for Heat #1, Cros would get a decent start and fight hard to finish 13th. With all his focus on the last chance, Joan would get another decent start and battle near the front early on. He would drop a few positions and end up 7th. He’s so close to making it and he believes he will very soon. Cros is motivated to continue his work and arrive to Indy achieving his goal.


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