FlowVision's Jacob Argubright Claims 2nd Overall at Idaho National Hare and Hound

FlowVision's Jacob Argubright Claims 2nd Overall at Idaho National Hare and Hound

Jacob Argubright Claims 2nd Overall at Idaho National Hare and Hound

Lake Elsinore, CA –

Round three of the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship series trekked its way north to Murphy, Idaho for the Rabbit Creek 100, hosted by Dirt Inc. Bringing the latest variation in terrain to the series for 2019, the 100-mile course consisted of two loops filled with cow trails, elevation change, sand washes and technical landscapes. Unexpected rainfall throughout the night prior made for absolute prime conditions come race day.

On Sunday morning, Off-Road Support/TBT Suspension backed rider Jacob Argubright lined up aboard his KX 450 at the start of a trail that would lead him to the end of the half mile bomb run. At the drop of the banner, Argubright struggled to start his bike; placing him in an unfavorable position as the riders beside him were now ahead of him.

Coming through 8th overall at the end of the bomb, Argubright put his focus on the challenge ahead of him; picking off riders throughout the first 35-miles. Reaching the alternate pit near mile-35, Argubright moved himself into second overall with third close behind, and just over one-minute behind the leader. Over the next 35-miles, it was all about closing the gap on the lead rider, and by mile-70, Argubright chipped off all the time he could. Working his way up to 42-seconds behind the leader coming into the pits, Argubright quickly refueled and chased the ribbon that would lead him to the eventual finish line. Crossing the checkered flag in 2nd place, Argubright finished just 40-seconds behind the leader, and over 5-minutes ahead of third.

Argubright stated, “The conditions today were amazing, and I knew without the dust, everyone was going to be pinned. I was slow getting my bike started once the banner dropped, and I was about 8th to the end of the bomb. I knew I had my work cut out for me, so I started making passes when I could. I was able to finally set my sights on Joe, but I just ran out of time at the end of loop two. Joe put in a killer ride today, and I look forward to round four and what the rest of the season will bring.”

Argubright continues to lead the points chase heading into round four of the series next weekend, April 6th in the state of Utah.

Top 3 Official Results:
1. Joe Wasson (Beta)
1. Jacob Argubright (KAW)
3. Zane Roberts (Beta)


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