FlowVision's Jacob Argubright Claims Second Place at Round 6 of AMA National Hare and Hound

FlowVision's Jacob Argubright Claims Second Place at Round 6 of AMA National Hare and Hound

Jacob Argubright Claims Second Place at Round 6 of AMA National Hare and Hound
Lake Elisnore, CA - After a two-month summer break, the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship series resumed this weekend in Panaca, Nevada. Serving as round six for the nine round series, riders would have a new challenge of the season thus far; extremely dry and dusty conditions. Coming into the round just four points down in the chase for the championship, Off-Road Support rider Jacob Argubright prepared himself and his race bike leading up to the event; ready to contend for a win.

On Saturday morning, Argubright selected his position on the start line that was 1-mile in length. At the drop of the banner, Argubright’s KX450 lit slower than preferred, leaving plenty of work ahead of him to jump in behind the leader in the dust. At the end of the bomb run, Argubright sat in 5th overall, racing just to the right of the trail in the brush.

Over the course of the next 37 miles, Argubright moved into third overall, just seconds behind third place coming into the pits. After a quick refuel, the top three raced onto loop two with 39 miles to the finish line. The leader held a substantial gap ahead of the field, leaving the remaining contenders chasing dust in dry conditions. At approximately mile 55, Argubright caught and passed the second place rider and set his sights on closing the gap to the leader. Running out of mileage to continue making up time, Argubright raced his way to the finish and crossed the checkered flag in second overall.

Argubright stated - “I’ve been spending a lot of my time preparing for both the first race back from summer and ISDE coming up in November. Getting everything together on my own to ensure I’m prepared at a top level has been extremely challenging, but I’ve done it and I am feeling good about the second half of the year. I didn’t get the best start, and a start at this event is pivotal. The dust today was a challenge, and really added another level of obstacle (if you will) beyond the normal competition. But I put my head down and gave it 110%. I am please with my results today, and am focused on the final three rounds of the season.”

AMA National Hare and Hound Official Results
Joe Wasson (BET)
Jacob Argubright (KAW)
Axel Pearson (YAM)
Tyler Lynn (YAM)
Chance Fullerton (BET)

AMA National Hare and Hound Points Standings
Joe Wasson - 161
Jacob Argubright- 152 (-9)
Nick Burson - 92 (-69)


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