The 2019 AMA National Hare and Hound Championship series concluded this weekend in Lucerne Valley, California; round 9 of the season. Coming into the final round of the season, Off-Road Support/TBT Suspension privateer Jacob Argubright held a 10-point lead over Factory Beta’s Joe Wasson in the hunt for the championship. With a potential first-ever series overall championship at stake, excitement was high.

Serving as the second “point-to-point” of the season, all riders for the event would start at a remote bomb run approximately 44 race miles away. Fortunately, having grown up in AMA District 37, Argubright’s lifetime experience in Lucerne Valley would help to ease nerves as he lined up on the Start line for what may or may not be a historic moment.

Around 10am on Sunday morning, the final AMA National Hare and Hound banner of the season dropped, and Argubright quickly lit his KX450. Putting power to the ground, and sprinting across the 1-mile long bomb, Argubright again found himself with another great start, and made his way into 2nd place as the leader jumped onto the start of the course. Over the next 44-miles, Argubright chased 3 Bros/SRT’s Dalton Shirey’s dust and was being followed by championship contender Joe Wasson. Argubright’s mission was to stay ahead of Wasson in order to win the championship.

As spectators from the pits watched, the leaders began to race across the valley in the distance, Argubright sat in 2nd overall behind Shirey by just 30-seconds. With Wasson just less than a minute behind, a quick refuel for Argubright would be key to maintain the gap. As the front runners charged onto the second loop consisting of 39-miles, the technicality of the terrain would continue to increase.

Around mile 60 (10-15 miles into Loop 2), Argubright reeled in Shirey’s dust, and eventually made the pass. Wasson too was able to get around Shirey, who was recomposing himself to maintain a podium position. With clear air for Argubright, he built his momentum and the gap between he and his competitors. With just 5-miles to go to the finish line, Argubright caught a glimpse of the trail behind him and found that there was no dust to be found. The realness of the first overall championship of his professional career set in. Over the final stretch to the finish, Argubright charged his way ahead and crossed the finish line to officially claim his first ever Overall AMA National Hare and Hound Championship by 2-minutes and 5-seconds.

Argubright stated - I’ve been chasing this title all my life, and after a few frustrating years, I was starting to wonder if I would ever win one. But 2019 has been such a crazy year for me and with so many lessons learned, I think that’s why I was able to win it. From sponsors, to race prep, bike tear down, my training plan and EVERYTHING in between, I committed myself this year 110% to my own program regardless of who was willing to support me or not. I wish I had experienced this growth as a racer when I was younger, but we can’t change the past and I seriously can't wait for the future and what’s to come. Through my journey as a privateer this year, I definitely had so much help from my team and the people around me. I am eternally thankful for my people, along with all my sponsors that provided me with so many great products to keep me winning and keep my bike issue free.”

While the 2019 AMA National Hare and Hound season may be over, Argubright will head to Algarve, Portugal in November to represent Team USA at the International Six Days Enduro November 11th-16th. Follow along on social media for updates from the event on Instagram @jacobargubright911.


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