FlowVision's Jacob Argubright Makes It Two in a Row.... The Lone Star NHHA

FlowVision's Jacob Argubright Makes It Two in a Row.... The Lone Star NHHA

Jacob Argubright WINS the Lone Star National Hare and Hound

Lake Elsinore, CA- Round two of the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship series ventures to its most eastern round, located in Lubbock, Texas. Known as the Lone Star National, hosted by Lubbock Trail Riders, the 90-mile race course consisting of three loops would challenge Off-Road Support athlete Jacob Argubright and his peers.

After brutal winds on Saturday, Sunday welcomes calm conditions as Argubright lined up on the start-by-class style bomb run. With consideration of the short bomb particular to this even, a solid start would play a large factor in a smooth race for all contenders. Using the electric start of his 2019 KX450, Argubright struggled to get the jump and push to the front, placing himself in the back of the pack as the riders funneled onto the course.

On loop one, Argubright raced his way into the fourth overall position; picking off riders one by one throughout the 30-mile loop. After quickly refueling in the pits, Argubright continued to reveal his strategy as he focused on moving into a podium position and closed in on the current leader. Eventually making the pass for the lead on loop two after nearly 30-miles, Argubright solidified himself as the overall leader heading out onto the third and final 30-mile loop.

As the terrain continued to become tighter and tighter with obstacles and turns, Argubright focused on his best technique to navigate the relentless twisting terrain. As he began to close in on the final stretch of course to the finish, Argubright quickly salvaged lost time after reacting to a deer that came into sight causing him to face plant and break his visor. Regaining his focus, Argubright remounted and raced to descend on the final downhill and across the finish line; officially securing his second consecutive victory.

Argubright stated, “I thought today would be about salvaging points after my less then stellar start! But after getting through the pack and capitalizing on some opportunities I knew I could win and pushed to do so. I’ve been working very hard to prepare my equipment, mind and body, and I think today was a testament to my progress. I felt calm and focused throughout the race, and am feeling super positive about my position.”

Top 3 Official Results:
1. Jacob Argubright (KAW)
2. Joe Wasson (BET)
3. Cole Kirkpatrick (KTM)

Points Standings:
1. Jacob Argubright (60)
2. Joe Wasson (-14)
3. Ricky Brabec (-21)


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