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January 12, 2020- The 2020 season for Off-Road Support Kawasaki rider Jacob Argubright officially kicked off this weekend in Parker, Arizona for round one of the Best in the Desert series.

On Saturday morning, with a 6th place draw position in the Open Pro class, Argubright started the race promptly at 7:36am. Heading out onto the first (of three) laps on the 80-mile loop, Argubright charged off the line to move into 5th overall. Settling into the pace on lap one, he moved into third overall as he reached the remote pit, and successfully closed the physical gap on first overall coming into the Main pit by 3:54 on second place (N33). Just a third of the way into the race, Argubright (who raced as a solo rider) checked out on loop two, where he continued to build his gap on the field with consistent times.

Heading out onto the third and final lap, Argubright kept his focus and settled into a blistering pace. Ticking off the final stretch of mileage, the checkered flag waved and the repeat event winner once again claimed victory at the Parker 250. Argubright claimed, “I really enjoy this round, it’s a good shake down for me and the Best in the Desert always does a great job putting this event on. I felt good physically coming into the weekend, and I’ve been working hard to make sure everything’s prepped. Huge thank you to my sponsors, family and friends for their support!”

On Sunday following his victory, Argubright swapped number plates to line up in Lucerne, Valley, CA for round one of the District 37 local hare and hound series. Off the start, he quickly lit his KX 450 and sprinted to the end of the bomb run. Grabbing the holeshot and clear air, Argubright set the pace in the next 30-miles as he maintained his lead. Coming into the pits by approximately 15-seconds, he came in for a quick refuel and took off onto the second and final loop. About 10 miles in, Argubright snagged and bent his chain guide. After an attempt to bend it back, he was able to continue another 20 miles before the chain guide completely disconnected from the bike. “While I’m bummed about the technical mishap, I am feeling great about my fitness and bike (otherwise).” Argubright stated.

Best in the Desert- Parker 250 Unofficial Results:

1. Jacob Argubright 2. Jeff Trulove/Axel Pearson 3. Hayden Hintz/Trevor Hunter/Craig Hunter


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