FlowVision's Joan Cros San Diego Supercross Race Recap

FlowVision's Joan Cros San Diego Supercross Race Recap

After Oakland was postponed due to rain, we arrived in San
Diego for round 2! ''We arrived in San Diego with a lot of desire, we didn't race in
Oakland and we haven't trained much because of the rains so already wanting some action, A1was a positive weekend despite the results! ''

For the first time in many years a race was postponed due to rain, Oakland Sx was postponed to February 18 so there will be no week off that change and there are 10 races in a row for the riders! again the rain added its grain of sand and the press was canceled again and they built the track at the last minute so it was very soft and with many ruts again!

Heat: "I had a very, very good start, I think in the first
corner I was second but I started to make mistakes and

lose positions, I tried to concentrate on regrouping and
looking for good lines for the LCQ"

LCQ: ''I had the 16 starting grid spot and it was a 180
degree corner so it was difficult to get a good start, I
went up from 14 to 9 and with one lap to go they gave
me a block pass and they knocked me over...so I lost all
the positions...we've only had two races and I feel good
on the bike but I have to start getting good results to
regain the confidence of last year"


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