FlowVision's Michael Del Fante Solid Top 10 at WORCS Havasu.....

FlowVision's Michael Del Fante Solid Top 10 at WORCS Havasu.....

Round 3 of WORCS in beautiful Lake Havasu City, AZ was an awesome event. The track crew laid out a very fun and challenging course that had a really good flow and stayed on it with water and prep all weekend which made for some great racing. My approach going into Sunday's 2 hour main event was to be patient and smart early on, find my rhythm and click off solid and consistent laps. 


After getting a pretty good start right outside the top 5, I quickly got shuffled back to 12th on the opening lap, but held my composure knowing that there was a long race ahead of us and a lot would happen. I made my way into 9th on lap 3 and that's where I spent 5 laps behind a rider I knew I was faster than, however I was way too patient and conservative with making the pass. I should have been more aggressive to get by and continue my focus forward. A few of the riders in front of me had some struggles and I was able to make my way around them and into 6th on lap 10. I felt like that is where I belonged and I started to feel more comfortable, solid and smooth out on the course even as it started to roughen up. As the race was winding down I started to struggle with making my way through the lapped riders and it really upset my mindset and focus allowing the 7th place rider to catch and pass me on lap 19 with 3 to go, which is where I would finish out the race. I was bummed and frustrated to give up a position like that, knowing that it was 100% my fault for letting things that were out of my control mess with my focus and energy expenditure, but overall I was content with the result and happy to have more insight on what I need to work on to keep improving and inching towards that top 5. I now have two weekends off to get to work on my weaknesses and come back even stronger and more comfortable on my bike before the next WORCS race at Canyon MX in Peoria, AZ on March 22-24. Looking forward to the challenges ahead and I want to thank you for the amazing support! I would not be able to compete at this level if it was not for all my awesome sponsors and supporters pushing and encouraging me to keep getting better.


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