How To Prep Dirt Bike Roll Off's......

How To Prep Dirt Bike Roll Off's......

How do I prepare roll-offs?
Preparing your motocross goggles roll-off system to go riding and racing is a fairly simple process, and taking the extra steps will ensure you have a clear lens and don’t run into dramas while out on the track or trail.

Step 1: Preparation
First things first - make sure your MX goggles and the roll-off system are clean. This is incredibly important - any dirt or debris that makes its way past the helmet visor into the roll-off system is bound to cause failure, and that’s why starting with a clean set is crucial.
Ensure the goggles, lens and roll-off system have been cleaned thoroughly before you ride your dirt bike, and also ensure they’re all dry.

Step 2: Assembly
The next step is assembling the roll-off system - if your goggle set is clean, then you would’ve likely taken the roll-off system from the goggle itself. If you didn’t have to, then you can skip this step.

Once you assemble and install the system (or the side canisters), doublecheck no dirt has made its way inside. The best practice is to blow into the canisters with either your mouth or an air compressor.

Step 3: Installing the roll
Next up is installing the roll. If it’s a brand-new roll of film, it will already have sticky-tab that you can attach to the ‘dirty’ roll on the other side. If the roll you last used has plenty of roll film left, simply cut it where it’s clean and use tape to stick it to the dirty side.

Once you’ve attached the film to the ‘dirty’ roll, lock it in place.

Step 4: Installing the mud-flap
If it’s a brand-new roll-off set, you’ll need to install the mud-flap. This is a super simple process, where all you need to do is line up the mud-flap on the top of the lens where it meets the goggle frame, and simply apply it.

Once you’ve completed that, or if your mud-flap is already installed, make sure the film sits nicely underneath.

Step 5: Finishing up
The last step involves putting each canister cover on and then testing the system.

Pull the roll-off string a number of times, ensure it retracts easily and that the film scrolls across nicely without getting crinkled or caught on anything. If it’s not working correctly, try the process again.

If it works flawlessly, you’re ready to ride!


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