Flow Vision® Rider Spotlight: Kadin Guard

Flow Vision® Rider Spotlight: Kadin Guard

About you: I'm 19 years old. I've been racing since I was 12. I've raced off-road most of my career and I'm just now transitioning into Worcs and Motocross. I've been blessed to have a couple big mentors throughout my life and career, which has played a big role in my achievements. I'm not just a rider but also a mechanic, which helps in a lot of different aspects with racing. I work full time and have been since I was 17, luckily I've had pretty good jobs to allow me to race. Overall my goal is to enjoy and achieve as much as I can in racing before it's time for me to hang it up. 

Date of birth: May 18th, 1998
Hometown: St. George, Utah
Residence: St. George, Utah

// Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/guardkadin
// Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kadinguard518/

Classes Raced: Pro 2 (WORCS)

Years riding: 7 years

Years racing: 6 years

Sponsors: Flow Vision, Fly, Bell, IMS, A'ME, Pro Circuit, Union Graphics, MotoSeat, Acerbis, Works Connection, DDC sprockets, Hinson, Mobuis, Matrix, Dynamic Dirt, Fasst Company, Nitro Mousse.

Best Family memory from racing? – Camping in the middle of the desert in a tent for a race.

What is it about dirt bikes that you love?  There is always room to improve and new things to accomplish. 

What does it mean to not give up? Keep on Keeping on (joe dirt)

Favorite track:  Bunkerhill mx ( Delta, UT )

Photo cred: @trystanguardphoto