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FlowVision™ Rider Spotlight:  Dakota Hibler

FlowVision™ Rider Spotlight: Dakota Hibler

About you: Dakota Hibler – DirtHalo Racing #57

Date of birth: March 23, 2007
Hometown: Anaheim, Ca.
Residence: Gilbert, AZ

// Facebook: @dirthaloracing
// Instagram: #dirthaloracing

Classes Raced: Mini ATV 250-400cc, Mini Bike 80-150cc

Years riding: 10
Years racing: 5
Sponsors: Flow Vision Co, Fly Racing, ASV Inventions, Mika Metals, Matrix Concepts, Off-Road Vixens, Elka Suspension, Action Sports Canopies, Fourwerx Carbon, JSR Moto Designs, RowleyWhite RV, Conway Real Estate, Elite Technical Coatings, Advanced Demolition LLC, Gateway Motorsports, Extreme Metal Works, Broken Cartel Clothing, Bob Moses Ceramic Coatings, Ride On Industries,

Best Family memory from racing?

  • I have two of them really, the first was my very first top podium finish. I remember this because it was my third race ever, I battled three boys in my class, and when I won my parents and grandparents were all there at the finish line along with people I didn’t know to congratulate me.
  • The second was winning my first championship, this was a lot of work and three seasons of pushing myself and learning how to compete against older kids on custom quads. It was a rainy afternoon after the race and when the final race results were posted I realized I had clinched the season championship with the total points I earned.  My parents were so proud of me and my dad even ran to give me a huge hug and my mom came out from the scoring trailer to give me a hug and kiss.  Some of race friends and fans were there to witness the championship!

What is it about dirt bikes/ATV that you love?

I love riding, it is an escape from everything else, when I have a busy day at school and need to regroup I love jumping on my bike to take a spin.  On my quad I love racing it against the older kids and seeing their faces when I am passing them or after a race and they see the results. I also love riding in the dunes with my family and friends because we can just ride and not have to worry about points or anything, we all just love to ride and have a great time in the dunes, and outdoors in general.

What does it mean to not give up?

I will never quit as this is something I love to do.  My parents told me when I started racing that I will be facing constant critics and people trying to talk me out of racing cause I am a girl, but that is what fuels me the most.  I love it when family, friends, fans and spectators see what I do on the course and then when I am back in my pit area, they come up to me and really enjoy seeing me race.

Favorite track:  I have two favorite tracks(courses), the first one is in St. Johns, AZ where I experienced my first ever crash when I rolled my quad after the first lap.  I was able to come back to that same course two years later and win a first-place trophy. 

My other favorite track is Mesquite, NV.  I only raced there one time, but it was so awesome to see the track as you drive down the hill into the valley to the track.  It was also a great track and course that suited my style and I was able to win my division that day and then go an celebrate with my friend who lives in Las Vegas.