FlowVision® Element Film-Motocross System: Clear

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With a passion that runs deep for motocross and off-road riding, our Element Film System™  brings a new level of superior vision. Try them for yourself and you will see the clarity of Flow Vision™.

  • Anti-scratch, Anti-fog, Pre-curved, Injection Molded lens for clarity of focus
  • Extra Large 45mm wide Film for increased vision and clarity
  • Quick pull system clears film with two short pulls
  • Anti-stick system for increased performance and function
  • Flow Green canister with easy to grab, smooth pulling advance knob
  • Self-cleaning canister with integrated wipe system to reduce mud build up
  • System Comes with Lens, Canisters, Mud-Flap and Film all assembled
  • Goggle not included
  • Compatible with both our Rythem and Section Goggles....

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